Interface Bag<E>

All Superinterfaces:
java.util.Collection<E>, java.lang.Iterable<E>

public interface Bag<E>
extends java.util.Collection<E>

A bag is a collection that is non-unique and unordered. It is, therefore, like a set except that any element may occur multiple times.

Method Summary
 int count(java.lang.Object o)
          Queries how many times the specified object occurs in me.
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Collection
add, addAll, clear, contains, containsAll, equals, hashCode, isEmpty, iterator, remove, removeAll, retainAll, size, toArray, toArray

Method Detail


int count(java.lang.Object o)
Queries how many times the specified object occurs in me. If I do not contain the object, then the count is zero.

o - an object
the number of times that it occurs in me

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