Package org.eclipse.ocl.util

Miscellaneous utilities in support of the OCL parser and environment implementations.


Interface Summary
Adaptable Interface implemented by Environments that are adaptable to optional interfaces that can be considered as extensions to the environment API.
Bag<E> A bag is a collection that is non-unique and unordered.
ProblemAware A mix-in interface indicating that implementations can provide problem diagnostics.
Tuple<O,P> Interface of a tuple instance value.

Class Summary
CollectionUtil Utility methods for working with OCL collection values.
ObjectUtil Certain generic utility operations on objects.
OCLStandardLibraryUtil Convenience utilities for working with the types defined by the OCL Standard Library.
OCLUtil Miscellaneous utilities for use by the OCL parser/interpreter and by clients.
ProblemHandlerWrapper A wrapper for ProblemHandlers, convenient for subclassing to decorate/intercept an existing problem handler instance.
ProblemHandlerWrapper.Tee Like the UNIX tool tee, a Tee forks problem handling in two directions, that is, to two other problem-handler instances.
ToStringVisitor<C,O,P,EL,PM,S,COA,SSA,CT> Converts an OCL expression to a string for debugging.
TypeUtil Static utilities for introspecting OCL types.
UnicodeSupport A proxy interface to isolate dependencies on the ICU4J library for internationalization/UNICODE support.

Package org.eclipse.ocl.util Description

Miscellaneous utilities in support of the OCL parser and environment implementations.

Package Specification

This package defines a number of utilities that support the implementation of the OCL parser and of metamodel bindings (i.e., Environment implementations). These utilities include:

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