Interface IHighlightedPositionAcceptor

All Known Implementing Classes:
HighlightingReconciler, HighlightingReconciler, MergingHighlightedPositionAcceptor

public interface IHighlightedPositionAcceptor

Xtext uses an IHighlightedPositionAcceptor to collect any ranges that should be highlighted based on semantic information of your model. It is passed to a ISemanticHighlightingCalculator. This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.

Sebastian Zarnekow - Initial contribution and API

Method Summary
 void addPosition(int offset, int length, java.lang.String... id)
          Associates a text range with a style.

Method Detail


void addPosition(int offset,
                 int length,
                 java.lang.String... id)
Associates a text range with a style.

offset - the offset of the range.
length - the length of the range.
id - the ids of the highlighting style, that should be applied.