Interface ISemanticHighlightingCalculator

All Known Implementing Classes:
MergingHighlightedPositionAcceptor, RichStringAwareHighlightingCalculator, SemanticHighlighter, SemanticHighlightingCalculator, XbaseHighlightingCalculator

public interface ISemanticHighlightingCalculator

Clients should implement an ISemanticHighlightingCalculator to compute the mapping from ranges in the input to the appropriate highlighting style.

Sebastian Zarnekow - Initial contribution and API

Method Summary
 void provideHighlightingFor(XtextResource resource, IHighlightedPositionAcceptor acceptor)

Method Detail


void provideHighlightingFor(XtextResource resource,
                            IHighlightedPositionAcceptor acceptor)
resource - the resource that will be highlighted. May be null in some rare cases.
acceptor - used to announce the mapping from text-range to the style's id. The acceptor will never be null.