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Packages that use IExecutableExtension
org.eclipse.core.resources Provides basic support for managing a workspace and its resources. 
org.eclipse.debug.ui Provides a generic debugger user interface that clients may customize via standard workbench extension points. Provides interfaces that need to be implemented by web browser adapters.  Also contains an implementation of IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate for opening a URL in a browser. 
org.eclipse.ui.editors.text Provides a standard text editor and a file-based document provider. 
org.eclipse.ui.part Classes for the creation of workbench parts that integrate with the Eclipse Platform User Interface. 
org.eclipse.ui.texteditor Provides a framework for text editors obeying to the desktop rules. 
org.eclipse.ui.views.bookmarkexplorer Provides the standard Bookmarks view which displays bookmarks on resources. 
org.eclipse.ui.views.contentoutline Provides the standard Content Outline view which can show the active editor's custom outline for the document being edited. 
org.eclipse.ui.views.navigator Provides the standard Resource Navigator view which presents the tree of resources in the workspace. Provides the standard Property Sheet view which displays custom properties of the active workbench part's current selection. 
org.eclipse.ui.views.tasklist Provides the standard Task List view for displaying tasks and problem annotations on resources. 
org.eclipse.ui.wizards.newresource Provides the standard wizards for creating files, folders, and projects in the workspace. 

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.core.resources

Classes in org.eclipse.core.resources that implement IExecutableExtension
 class IncrementalProjectBuilder
          The abstract base class for all incremental project builders.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.debug.ui

Classes in org.eclipse.debug.ui that implement IExecutableExtension
 class AbstractDebugView
          Common function for debug related views: Debug view adpater implementation - IDebugView Action registry - actions can be stored in this view with a key.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in

Classes in that implement IExecutableExtension
 class LaunchURL
          Action that launches a URL in a browser.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.editors.text

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.editors.text that implement IExecutableExtension
 class TextEditor
          The standard text editor for file resources (IFile).

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.part

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.part that implement IExecutableExtension
 class EditorPart
          Abstract base implementation of all workbench editors.
 class MultiEditor
          A MultiEditor is a composite of editors.
 class MultiPageEditor
          Deprecated. Use the class MultiPageEditorPart instead
 class MultiPageEditorPart
          A multi-page editor is an editor with multiple pages, each of which may contain an editor or an arbitrary SWT control.
 class PageBookView
          Abstract superclass of all multi-page workbench views.
 class ViewPart
          Abstract base implementation of all workbench views.
 class WorkbenchPart
          Abstract base implementation of all workbench parts.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.texteditor that implement IExecutableExtension
 class AbstractTextEditor
          Abstract base implementation of a text editor.
 class StatusTextEditor
          Capable of handling input elements that have an associated status with them.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.views.bookmarkexplorer

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.views.bookmarkexplorer that implement IExecutableExtension
 class BookmarkNavigator
          Main class for the bookmark navigator for displaying bookmarks on resources and opening an editor on the bookmarked resource when the user commands.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.views.contentoutline

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.views.contentoutline that implement IExecutableExtension
 class ContentOutline
          Main class for the Content Outline View.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.views.navigator

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.views.navigator that implement IExecutableExtension
 class ResourceNavigator
          Implements the Resource Navigator view.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in

Classes in that implement IExecutableExtension
 class PropertySheet
          Main class for the Property Sheet View.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.views.tasklist

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.views.tasklist that implement IExecutableExtension
 class TaskList
          Main class for the Task List view for displaying tasks and problem annotations on resources, and for opening an editor on the resource when the user commands.

Uses of IExecutableExtension in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.newresource

Classes in org.eclipse.ui.wizards.newresource that implement IExecutableExtension
 class BasicNewProjectResourceWizard
          Standard workbench wizard that creates a new project resource in the workspace.

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